@your WISH

service-managerment-screensThe ability to service multitude of requests, issues and suggestions through a single point-of-contact is of strategic importance to any business today. More so in service industries like hotels and up market condominiums. So how do become more competitive and effective. By delivering timely services. By delivering quality. Consistently. @your WISH can help.

Information Technology can play a vital role in ensuring consistent delivery of services. It can monitor requests and issues till completion. It can escalate delays to avoid dissatisfaction. It can help you discern patterns and trends that need management attention. It can help you assess customer satisfaction levels.

@your WISH is intended to do all this and more. It can help service Departments to manage, both, customer requests and inter-departmental issues through a single system. It expedites call dispatch to the assigned employee by mobile SMS. It encourages and supports  quality monitoring and feedback handling.

@your WISH is a complete services management system that can help you gain competitive advantage and distinguish your business.


Guest-Incidents-TrackingWhen any person calls the service helpdesk, the incident is logged into the system with caller identification and location. The call is classified by the agent as an issue needing urgent attention, a routine request or as a suggestion to be noted. A services directory helps establish the appropriate provider of the service. Issues and requests are assigned to the appropriate service department for action. The incident is instantly flashed at the concerned service department’s computer terminal. If not on the same network, the task is emailed or SMSed to the Service Provider. The service provider’s supervisor assigns the incident to an employee or team of employees for action. The concerned employee(s) are messaged by mobile SMS.

Till the task is completed, the assigned employee(s) keep the departmental or service provider helpdesk informed about progress, further actions or completion. All this can be registered in the system. Delayed tasks are escalated. Tasks may be reassigned to other employee(s).

On completion of a task, the quality department may check on guest satisfaction. If the guest is not satisfied, the quality agent may reopen a completed task for further work or may recommend other follow-up actions.


Inter-departmental issues and requests are registered with the service department’s supervisor or helpdesk agent. These are also registered into @your WISH so that the service department can get a consolidated view of all their tasks on hand. Inter-departmental incidents are not escalated, but, the requesting department can monitor call progress by querying the system.


Log-a-ServiceThe system produces valuable intelligence for management decision making. The system reports on incident trends by service department, incident type and location. It reports on departmental and employee efficiency. Most important – it produces a customer satisfaction scorecard.