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Abuja, Nigeria, June 10, 2016 – UbiComp System, a thought-leader in hospitality technology,today announced its business expansion plan in the Nigerian hospitality market with the appointment of a business partner. This strategic move will rapidly extend the availability of Qikinn© Application suite throughout Nigeria. 

With this formalized agreement, JDD Technologies will provide sales, implementation and support services of Qikinn© range of Mobile Solutions in Nigeria. 

“We see Nigeria as a fast expanding marketplace that offers tremendous growth opportunities,” said Mr. Harbans Singh, Managing Director, UbiComp System. “JDD Technologies is well established in the hospitality industry in selling and supporting hospitality related solutions, thus, making the company an ideal business partner. This formalized business relationship will enable us to leverage on their core strength to fully focus on developing this market to accelerate our regional growth plan to greater success.” 

The Qikinn© Application Suite is designed to help hotels connect to their guests, deliver a unique guest experience and earn guest recognition and loyalty. From mobile phone check- in and check-out, paperless front desks to a personal guest portal, the Qikinn© application suite enables hotels to achieve higher business operational efficiency, build guest loyalty, increase revenues and save on commissions paid to OTAs. 

“UbiComp is well-positioned as a leading provider of hospitality technology. This is evidenced in the delivery of the Qikinn© suite of Mobile Solutions,” said Mr. Daniel Omotunde, Chief Executive Office, JDD Technologies. “”We see many synergistic benefits in this business partnership that will further strengthen our position in the marketplace. We are indeed very pleased to be the business partner of such forward looking technology company and in representing Qikinn© best-of-breed hospitality solutions in Nigeria.” 

About UbiComp System Sdn Bhd 

UbiComp System Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian MSC status company, which has developed the Qikinn© Applications Suite as well as other leading edge technologies for the hospitality industry. UbiComp also distributes products from other key niche solution providers via its subsidiary company, UbiQ Global Solutions. The solutions are matched to provide total seamless integrated systems, thereby, eliminating the need for multiple operations within the same organization in order to gather the required data for proper analysis and decision making. For more information on our suite of hospitality solutions, please visit www.ubicompsystem.com 

About JDD Techologies 

JDD Technologies is an IT based company formed in Nigeria, we partner with international IT companies to facilitate access to the latest technologies, enabling us to provide the best solutions for Hotels, Motels, Quick Service Restaurants, Fast Food outlets, Casinos, Leisure and Entertainment sectors in Nigeria. 

A host of international partners, total commitment to customer needs, relentless pursuit of excellence, unique skills & resources and local support are some of the vital factors that have propelled JDD Technologies to a prominent place in the Nigeria IT Industry. 

JDD is well positioned to understand the business process, style and ethos of the hospitality industry in Nigeria, and the business solution needs that accrue in a competitive environment. 
For more information on our suite of hospitality solutions, please visit:www.jddtechnologies.com

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