Touché POS

Touché operates in Windows based touchscreen hardware, handheld mobile devices or PCs. Optional modules are available for repeat diner profiling in fine dining restaurants, table reservations, stored value cards in food courts, additional promotional displays in QSRs and kitchen displays in fast food outlets.

corporate-touchconsolidatdiner-database-trackerEFFICIENT SERVICE OPERATIONSTouché is designed for minimum keystrokes. Whether at a terminal or handheld device, it minimizes the time taken in retail operations. Yet, it  provides advanced features like add condiments, specify modifiers, add comments for the kitchen, look up frequent diner profile, update status of the service cycle, apply discounts, account for tips, split checks and multi-mode settlement.

PRODUCTION COORDINATIONAuto-printing of KOTs in the kitchen plus optional printing of master KOT for the service staff are standard features ofTouché . An optional interactive Kitchen Display allows the production staff to alert service staff when food is ready or delayed. Improving guest services through coordination between the front and the back of the house. Table status is displayed by stage in the service cycle. Leading to better table management and more turnaround of covers.


SUPERIOR REPORTING Touché reports are rated as amongst the best available in the industry. Apart from the usual –

  • sales & settlement scroll,
  • item sales statistics,
  • covers report and
  • moves & voids reports

Touché provides valuable information such as –

  • Item sales statistics by day-of-week,
  • Covers statistics by time of day,
  • Detailed discounts report,
  • Loyalty program production statistics, etc.

FREQUENT DINER DATABASE Touché offers an optional and unique guest profiler to track and personalize services to frequent diners. Each customer establishment may choose the preferences they wish to track. Preferences are tracked in a structured and actionable manner. Visits summary and frequently ordered items are traced in all cases. When used  on a handheld order taking device, the personalization of guest services is even higher.

TABLE RESERVATIONS Touché can handle multi-outlet table reservations easily and efficiently. On seating a check may be  automatically opened in Touché to improve revenue control and on settlement of check, the table may be automatically marked as available in the reservation module improving table management. Through all operations, the frequent diner database may be looked up for better CRM.


STORED VALUE ACCOUNTING Typically required by Food Courts, Touché offers the option of issuing customers cards pre-loaded with specified credit.Touché checks can then validated and settled strictly against available credit. The unique feature of the optional Touché stored value feature is that it does not  require expensive smart-cards when used over a local area network (LAN).

INTERFACES Touché is interfaced for use in hotels with –

  • Prologic First’s WISH Front Office,
  • Fidelio & Opera front office software from Micros, Inc USA and
  • Protel front office software from Protel Hotel Software GmbH.

Touché is also interfaced  with Prologic First’s Club++ Membership Accounting system for use in Clubs.

Touché offers an API whereby other software products can open a check in Touché . Examples of use are –

  • @your WISH is able to post charges  into Touché for subsequent settlement by customers.
  • Similarly, can  create a check in Touché for settlement by customers  for services (like, spa treatment, banquet event, etc).

For back office processing, Touché is interfaced with Prologic First’s Prol’IFIC back Office system for revenue accounting, debtors control and F&B costing.

F&B CHAINS Prologic First offers Corporate Touché for –

  • Consolidation of sales statistics and
  • Remote product & price administration.

Touché is interfaced with Corporate Touché.

Fidelio, Opera, Micros and Protel are products and brand names that belong to their respective owners. Prologic First makes no claims, implicit or explicit, that may infringe on any rights of the respective owners.