Touché Lite POS


Your POS software is critical to your restaurant because it controls your revenues and collections. It must ensure that all kitchen order items are invoiced and that all invoices are paid for prior closing. Defective POS software that allows inadvertent or deliberate manipulation of restaurant invoices costs much more in lost revenues than they save in lower cost of ownership. More than 600 installed terminals of Touché Lite POS, in almost 20 countries, have worked reliably and without fail through the last 10 years.



Each additional keystroke required to enter an order or to settle a restaurant check reduces the efficiency of your staff. Touché Lite POS completes operations with the minimum keystrokes. Items ordered may be instantly printed in the kitchen for quick preparation and faster service. Quickly present neatly formatted invoices to guests, on demand, for settlement. Touché POS improves the efficiency of your restaurant operations and the quality of your guest services.


Touché Lite POS is exceptional in the quality of it’s reporting. Both, in terms of variety of control & statistical reports and in terms of the reliability of their content. Touché Lite POS reports go beyond the usual of day-end-reports, popularity lists and covers report. It can rank items by their popularity for easy analysis. Which checks were discounted and why. A day-end-recap that you (as the owner or Manager) will find invaluable. Best of all, you can print reports for any date or period in the past since the day you first installed Touché Lite POS.


If ever you feel the need for additional features, you can readily enhance Touché Lite POS with a wide choice of optional add-ins.

  • Handheld version of Touché POS.
  • Advanced order taking features like cover wise & course wise order taking, table status management or table reservations in fine dining outlets.
  • Kitchen displays, dual POS monitors and checks-on-hot-keys for quick service.
  • Customer database look up & printing of delivery instructions for home deliveries.
  • Pre-paid card settlements in food court environments.
  • Frequent diner database and Loyalty management.
  • Room settlements when used in hotels.
  • Settlements to member account when used in membership clubs.
  • Purchase, inventory and cost management.
  • Back office accounting.
  • Centralized administration and reporting for chains.


  • Unlimited items, unlimited item groups
  • Open items
  • Happy Hours
  • Graphical designer for on-screen item key layout
  • Resizable item keys with colour and graphics
  • 3 levels of users each with different capabilities
  • Post or void items
  • Automatic pricing, tax / VAT & service calculation
  • Automatic KOT printing
  • Void check / items
  • Split checks
  • Pre-set or ad-hoc discounts
  • Check printing to continuous paper
  • Re-print checks, count of stationary used
  • Settlement by cash, credit card or voucher.
  • Tips handling
  • Cashier Shift reports
  • Control reports – voids, open checks, discounts
  • Sales and Settlement scroll
  • Item sales statistics
  • Covers analysis
  • Daily recap
  • Most popular / least popular
  • Revenue to text file
  • Item sales statistics to text file