High-speed Internet access has evolved from “another service” to a “must required service” for today’s business guests. SmartWEB in – room Internet system provides cost effective, reliable and profitable Internet service to the guests. SmartWEB Internet Access Sever Engine enables guests to connect from guest rooms, conference rooms or lobby to Internet using wired or wireless connections.

Internet-distribution-and-bFEATURES Security

  • Provides highly secured firewall access by using dual homed server.
  • Provides access rules based on protocols and IP addresses.

Seamless guest connection experience

  • Dynamic IP address translation and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides guest with transparent network connectivity. This resolves IP issues and reduces technical support cost.
  • Allows guest to connect from Guest Room and conference room or any node in the hotel provided the network link is available using wired or wireless.

Bandwidth Management.

  • Can configure separate bandwidth setting for upstream and downstream communication to restrict speed.
  • Charges can be configured based on volume (megabytes).
  • Supports multiple WAN connections for load balancing.

Flexible charging methods

  • By Duration Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Yearly charges.
  • By Volume (megabytes).
  • By combining Duration and Volume (megabytes).
  • Location based charging – You can have different charges for connection from Lobby or Connection from Room etc.
  • Multiple connection or Single connection charging from Room – In a room each guest can be made to charge for each connection or all guests can use the Internet simultaneously with single charge.
  • A guest connection can be made either:
    • Single login – The time left is counted even if the guest is offline (generate more profit).
    • Log off support – The guest can log off and then use the remaining time later by logging in again.
  • Guest can be given free Internet access for entire stay or first use.

SmartWeb-Arbi-ScreenPMS Link

  • Can be connected to a number of approved PMS systems namely WISH Front Office, Opera, Fidelio, IDS, Protel, etc.
  • PMS link provides facility to post charges directly to the guest folio.
  • Provides automatic check in, check out and room transfer features.
  • Provides automatic changing of charges based on Guest Class/Status in PMS for privileged guest.

Access control

    • When guest launches the browser, the guest will be redirects to authorization screen. Based on the Network / Location configuration the charges and the web page layout can be changed. Also provides additional security by not allowing guest to browse the internet till the guest is authenticated.
    • The Login / Landing page can be customized and designed by the hotel with user friendly, eye-catching, stylish, rich look and feel and integrated into SmartWEB.
    • Configurable guest authentication:
      • User ID and Password.
      • User ID, Guest Name (First or Last or Both).
      • Room Number, Guest Name (First or Last or Both).
      • Room Number and Password.
      • Prepaid ID and password
      • Meeting ID and password
    • On more sophisticated network switch, guest can be authenticated automatically using Virtual LAN feature.
    • Allow guest to switch between multiple devices such as mobile, Laptop or desktop with one user ID and Password.
    • Expiry time can be given for each User ID.

In – House / Postpaid Guest Features

    • Generate multiple User ID and Password for a room.
    • Option for guest to select the duration or fixed time.
    • Dynamically generated password for guest access when doing check in/out.
    • After Authorization Features:
      • Shows Duration Left
      • Redirects to default portal page or browser home page
      • Log off session (If enabled)
      • Guest can change password
      • Option to show Guest Roaming / Other IDs
      • View Bill – Guest can view their bill on the laptop. (WISH front office PMS Only).

Prepaid Guest features

    • Generate prepaid account with User ID and Password with fixed duration.
    • Bulk prepaid ID generation.
    • Unlimited User ID generation.
    • After Authorization Features:
      • Shows Duration Left
      • Redirects to default portal page or browser home page
      • Log off session (If enabled)

Meeting / Conference features

    • One User ID and password for multiple connection
    • Validation of Date and time of the event
    • Limit allowed connection for each meeting
    • Bandwidth management


    • Register
    • ID wise Usage
    • Duration Usage
    • Duration Usage Summary
    • Prepaid account list


    • PMS log
    • SmartWEB Manager log
    • Authentication Log
    • Internet Log

SmartWEB Add On

    • Business Centre Module
      • Windows Shell client program (customers will not see the start menu and desktop of windows)
      • Unlimited number of menu groups and shortcuts to enable programs the customer can launch such as Word, Excel, Messenger, games etc
      • One click launch to most used sites.
      • Password protected administration of client

Fidelio, Opera and IDS are products and brand names that belong to their respective owners. Prologic First makes no claims, implicit or explicit, that may infringe on any rights of the respective owners.