SmartTELSmartTEL helps hotels optimize telephones revenue by allowing finely granulated rate tables. SmartTEL aids all users (hotels and others) control telephone costs by reporting and analyzing all calls made. SmartTEL also offers value added features required, for example, for security purposes.

SmartTEL Voice Mail is an optional software based voice messaging system with all the typical features required by hotels.

CALL ACCOUNTINGSmartTEL is amongst the most powerful call costing, invoicing and telephones management systems available.

it’s pricing table is very flexible. It can be configured for pulse or duration based operation. It can charge per call destination and per originating extension. Charges may be based on seasonality, time of day and special events.

Users can monitor costs per trunk, for each or group of extensions, by destination of calls, etc. Profitability analysis can be performed to fine tune pricing and extract incremental revenues.

touche-sales-reportsSmartTEL offers value added features such as emergency call alert, caller extension inquiry based on called number, exceptionally long duration call alert, etc.

VOICE MAILA software based voice mail system to record messages for guests / specific extensions. Confidentiality of the messages is maintained. Voice mail boxes are initiated at check in, moved with the guest in case of room transfers and closed at check-out. Message waiting indication is provided via phone lamp or other means as implemented by the hotel.

SmartTEL Voice Mail is a cost-effective way to receive and deliver voice messages for and to guests.

INTERFACESSmartTEL is interfaced with a variety of makes and models of telephone exchanges.

It is also interfaced with Prologic First’s WISH Front Office and the Fidelio & Opera front office software from Micros, Inc. USA.

Fidelio, Opera, Micros and Protel are products and brand names that belong to their respective owners. Prologic First makes no claims, implicit or explicit, that may infringe on any rights of the respective owners.