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The year has come to an end and it is the season of festive again. Many hotels are preparing themselves for the busiest period of the year filled with back to back festivities: Christmas and New Year. From lobby decorations to food menu, hotel managers are putting in substantial efforts to ensure their guests have the most wonderful stay experience. 

Creating a delightful experience for guests is vital for hotel business. An online article written by top hospitality consultant, Patrik Hellstrand reveals that hotel service quality forms part of the keys for hotels to stand out from competition and it helps to promote guest loyalty. Understanding guest expectation and going beyond that to satisfy their needs will lead to happier guests and repeat business with more positive reviews shared on popular social internet sites such as trip advisor, or Facebook. Nowadays many travellers would tend to check out online sites for hotel reviews before they book for travel accommodation or get recommendation from others; the positive reviews or word-of-mouth could help to create good impression and increase the chance of hotels being selected. 

It does not always cost a hefty amount of money to make your guest happy! However, if budget was your concern, here we have included some tips for hotel manager to please guests with NO EXTRA COSTS! 

Hospitality Before Arrival 
Please your guest before they arrive at your hotel would be a great idea. Send a personalised email one week or few days before check-in date to remind them about their bookings would be great as it shows that you care and looking forward to welcoming them to your hotel. 

The First Impression Always Counts 
Hospitality No.1 iron rule: SMILE. 
The travelling process could be tiring for certain guests. Greet them with a big warm smile, help them to check-in as fast as possible would delight them. No one wants to wait in line for the front desk anymore but rather would like to be in the room in the fastest possible time. 

Go personalised 
One online survey done by Software Advice disclosed a 48% of guests would be enticed by a free room upgrade. Free room upgrade does not always mean you have to give away premium suites. In this case, it could be room with better view, room closer to hotel facilities, or room with a balcony. Alternatively, try to welcome guests with a hand-written welcome note upon room check-in, or personalised gift such as chocolate, candy wrapped with paper that has their name printed on top would be brilliant. This idea is applicable during check-out too. 

Free & Fast WiFi 
Slow WIFI is a big turn-off; charging your guest for WIFI is even worse! The trend of mobile technology is not to be ignored. Nowadays people travel with smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and WiFi is deemed basic necessity for guests to stay connected with people. Daily Mail reported an online survey conducted by travel company has discovered that hotel guests would rather have a good connection to scroll through social media updates or keep in touch with family and friends instead of other treats such as complimentary cocktails on arrival.

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