QikRes© web booking engine is highly flexible and fully customizable to meet each hotel’s business needs. It enables hotel to be in control of their inventory and drive more direct business to their corporate website.


Hotel Online Room Reservation Form

The built in tools in QikRes© enable the hotel to provide the right information and the right rates to the guest, thereby, allowing the hotel’s staff to spend more time in addressing the guest’s needs.


Hotel Room Availabilities/Description/Selection

The ability to engage and maintain a constant communication channel with Guest is vital as this leads to build strong guest loyalty. QikRes© pulls all guests information to a centralized repository which the group can easily access at any time to manage its guest loyalty programs, etc. This encourages guests to return and book directly on the hotel’s website, leading to increase direct bookings and revenues.

In addition,QikRes© offers enhanced reservations experience to the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and PDA’s, tablet PC’s and other similar devices, offering greater flexibility and a whole new reservation experience.


Room Reservation via Mobile Devices

Hotels using the QikRes© system have the following benefits:

B2B and B2C Reservations Portal

Corporate and individual customers can access the booking engine via the login capabilities to make reservations, view past stays, future bookings, promotions, etc. This not only offers ease of booking for the corporate companies but also helps build loyalty with the individual customer over time.

Maximize web presence and brand awareness

QikRes© is highly flexible that can easily transform any hotel website into a dynamic sales channel in delivering robust reservation solution. It is designed to easily incorporate the look-and-feel of any web design to enhance a hotel’s web presence and increase brand awareness with guests, travel and business partners. Additionally, QikRes© also offers a library of customizable web design templates for hotel to select from.

Centralized Profile Management

Hotels can now have centralized profiles for all their guests without having the need for real-time connectivity to the hotels at all times. QikRes© pulls all customer information to a central repository which Hotels can use to manage customer loyalty, etc, without interrupting front office operations or be affected by internet connectivity problems, etc.

Integrated with PMS

The QikRes© system is integrated to the PMS system on property, hence, all rate information and room inventory information is directly updated to QikRes©. Likewise bookings from QikRes© gets to be updated directly to the PMS system,thereby, allowing hotel staff to be more focused in addressing Guests’ needs.

Increase in Yield with Booking Add-ons

In the QikRes© booking process, guest may also be given a choice of booking add-ons, such as airport pick-up, dinner voucher, city tour, etc., to select from. This not only helps to increase guest satisfaction but also yield for the hotel.

Communicate with the Guest before they arrive and after departure

The key to increased guest satisfaction is the experience in all aspects of the stay for the guest, including before arrival, during stay and after departure. QikRes© uses the QikRes© confirm tools to communicate with the customer as follows:

  • Reservations confirmations when the Guest makes a booking.
  • Pre-arrival message is to highlight additional hotel information, offers airport pick-up services, room upgrades, etc.
  • Post stay Thank You letter which gets sent to the Guest within minutes of check out to thank Guest for the stay and to encourage return guest to book directly with the hotel for future stays. Survey links may also be embedded into this.
  • Promotions and Birthday notifications, etc.