QikConfirm©allows for this to take place via smartly designed html documents which can be easily emailed to the Guest with minimal or no staff intervention.

Apart from the traditional reservation confirmations, cancellations and pre-arrival notices which are sent to Guest, QikConfirm© can also be used for other mailings to the Guest such as promotions, birthday greetings, Thank you letters, etc.


Some of the unique benefits which QikConfirm© offers in its design include the following;

  1. Rate Benefit for various status of bookings can be changed within the Qikinn© system GUI (QikConfirm© Administration) by the Users easily.
  2. The hotel can use different emails for different documents, eg.
    • Cancellation and Confirmation might use the Reservations department email address
    • Pre-arrival may use the Front Desk email address
  3. The system allows ease of operations for the Reservations staff to automatically select different formats for confirmation and cancellations without any staff intervention.
  4. Email logging function keeps track of all notifications sent to the Guest.
  5. QikConfirm© allows for the users to edit the documents before sending out and to multiple recipients in a single action.