WebPay Trax

Personnel and payroll processing  in the Gulf countries is different from other parts of the world. PayTRAX was developed to meet the needs of businesses (and specifically hotels) in the GCC. PayTRAX has been hugely successful in the territory. it’s success has spread far beyond. To countries like the Maldives.


  • Employee Details
  • Visa Profession
  • Employee’s Dependent Details
  • Employee Training History
  • Employee Promotion History
  • Visa Expiry and other Document Expiry tracking
  • Shift Details
  • Service Change Details
  • Leaves – Annual / Sick
  • Medical Treatment Records
  • Employee’s Bank Details
  • Temporary Employee details
  • Allowances & Deductions
  • Salary Advance adjustments
  • Loans & Advances
  • Gratuity
  • Final settlement
  • Over Time Calculations
  • Air Ticket calculation
  • Time attendance Interface
  • Payment types  Cash, Cheque, transfer letter to Bank
  • Mail Merge Facility
  • Full Security Control
  • Accommodation Allotment

One screen shows all details of an Employee. This includes his/her full name, present and permanent address, Date of Birth, Nationality, Visa status, date of joining and designation, Basic salary, other benefits, Bank account number and Insurance, Housing, Air Travel, Sector, vehicle and insurance, Employee status as of date, Attendance and his history can be viewed.

Employee and his / her Dependent documents such as passport, Visa, Driving license, Housing, labour-card, Medical card, etc… is tracked for validity, renewal and expiry.

Detailed Employee benefits like Housing, Family Status, GSM, Vehicle, Air Ticket, etc. is maintained in the system.

Loans and Salary Advances are tracked, which includes rate of Interest, mode of repayment as against the number of repayments.

Various types of leaves like Annual leave, Sick leave, Leave without Pay, Maternity leave, etc. are tracked per employee.

A detailed employee Attendance screen, department wise is maintained for a month. A blank Attendance sheet can also be produced from the system in order to maintain a manual record.

Employee’s Bank information is captured for transferring salary. At the month end, Bank Transfer letter can be printed instructing company’s bank to transfer the salary of an employee to the respective bank

Salary can be paid by user definable modes viz. Cash, bank, etc.

Any number of Allowances and Deduction can be defined. Allowances can be defined as a Flat amount or as a percentage of the Basic salary.

Any training imparted to the employee is tracked with dates and details of the training topic. So, management can easily check who needs training and on what.

A personnel employee log is maintained which includes his / her performance, Appreciation’s, Appraisals, Promotions, Warnings, etc. from the date of joining.

Gratuity calculations as per the UAE law. It takes care for both the types of contracts i.e. “Open or Closed” contract.

There is an exclusive salary preparation sheet, which helps prepare the salary of each employee giving details of his / her emoluments after Allowances and deductions.

Employee promotions, which include the designation, grade and salary change, can be tracked. A visa change owing to the promotion can also be trapped in the system. History is maintained for future reference.

All information pertaining to the Air Travel for each Expatriate employee is maintained which includes eligibility of Air ticket to their hometown once in two years or once in a year and also for his family. Airfare for each sector is also captured so that the exact amount for Adult, Children and Infants can be calculated.

The system keeps track of the temporary employees and a separate wage sheet is maintained to cater to daily and weekly wages.

Reports include Employee documents, Document expiry details report, Dependent documents, Grade History, Salary Change History, Leaves, Loan Statements, Gratuity Statements, Salary Statements, Department wise salary report and various other standard reports.

Each pay element has a GL code, which makes it easy to spool a report for Accounting entries.

A detailed Flight information such as Country, Airport names, flight numbers, flight timings, air fare, including country telephone codes are maintained in the system.