Mobile Wish

To be effective, a hotelier needs to be informed with up to the minute data and, as far as possible, guest facing. Traditional desktop technology has been inhibitive on both counts. To be well informed, the hotelier has had to revisit his or her desktop often, reducing the time spent serving guests. Or, the hotelier has the choice to interact with guests based on outdated information.

Using Mobile WISH – Prologic First’s add on to it’s popular WISH.NET PMS – hotel General Managers can check Daily Flash reports, revenue history and VIPs in-house from anywhere. While in the hotel or away. No longer does he or she call in or ask for up-to-the-minute data.

Even when away from the hotel or travelling, the Front Office Manager can be on top of operations by viewing his or her hotel’s Current House Position, looking up expected and/or cancelled reservations and inquiring into in-house guest profiles.

Using Mobile WISH, Housekeepers can be more effective by inquiring into Room Status from anywhere in the hotel … on the guest floors, in public areas or even off-site. They can also update Room Status instantly after inspecting the cleaning of a room … without having to return to their desk.

F&B Manager and Restaurant / Bar Managers can know up-to-the-minute revenue, covers and collection statistics by using Mobile Touché. Mobile Touché is an optional add-on to Prologic First’s Touché F&B management system.

Concerned hotel Managers can view the backlog of guest service requests and actions taken on their smartphones even if they are far away from the hotel. Those on the move within the premises, can register guest service requests and other engineering or housekeeping tasks instantly as they see the need. They can also assign the task to a specific person.

All these applications are available for use on Apple’s iPhone4, Samsung’s Galaxy and Blackberry Torch. Prologic First is testing the mobile applications on many more smartphone devices. The devices connect to the hotel server over Wi-Fi or a 3G phone network. The hotel’s database and software system are protected by firewalls. Access is granted to those that have been authorized.

No longer do storekeepers have to manually note stock on hand and subsequently enter the data into their desktop computer. Now, they can scan or manually enter the physical stocks into their smartphones connected over Wi-Fi to the hotel’s inventory software so that stock positions are verified instantly and with less effort.

This is just the start. Progressively, Prologic First will launch more and more applications to make hoteliers more effective.

Prologic First’s mobile applications were announced at the Artabian Travel Mart and The Hotel Show, both in Dubai. The applications were viewed enthusiastically and appreciatively by visitors to both the exhibitions and some visitors are committed to putting these applications to use in their hotel’s immediately.