Corporate WISH is a suite of computer software for use by hotel chains. Currently, it includes software for Central Guest Reservations (CRS) and Central Guest History (CGH).

Corporate WISH is ‘custom assembled’ to the exact requirements of a hotel chain by re-using proven and tested software components from Prologic First ‘s WISH product range. Corporate WISH is like a custom developed software, but, much more stable, faster to deploy and a lot cheaper.


CRS and CGH are described here because they are readily available to deploy in a pre-packaged form. But, because Corporate WISH is ‘custom assembled’ you can wish for what you need. If it is hotel Front Office related, Prologic First can ‘custom assemble’ it from the proven multi-property components of WISH.NET quickly, reliably and affordably. What do you need? A contracts management system? A sales force automation system? A loyalty management system? Or, maybe a CRM system. Ask us. Feel free to WISH.